Powerful Data.Simplified Analytics.Limitless Potential.

Whether you're just starting out or already a pro, Market Intelligence gives you the confidence and resources necessary to succeed on Amazon.

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Powerful Data.

Detailed and precise market statistics empower smart sourcing decisions and help keep a close eye on competition. 

You'll have access to:


...and so much more.

For any product. For any brand. For any market.

Simplified Analytics.

Quickly and easily understand every analysis with summarized statistics and recommendations.

The Star Rating System

The Viral Launch Analysis

Complex data is collected into our star rating system, indicating whether the analyzed market is a winner (5-Stars) or a dud (1-Star)

Market Intelligence offers tips, warnings and recommendations for every market it analyzes. Even if you are unfamiliar with the warning signs of an under-performing market, the analysis will communicate everything you need to know.

Limitless Potential.

We’re just scratching the surface. With Market Intelligence, you also have access to:

Calculate Costs & Profit

Research Internationally

Easily determine how much money is needed to sell a product and how much profit to expect from a market.

Start digging into data across Amazon's international marketplaces.

Trigger Review Requests Automatically

Calculated Ranking Strategy

Increase the amount of reviews customers leave for your products through automated review follow-up.

Use MI giveaway statistics to see how many units you need to put towards an effective ranking strategy.

Export Functionality

Export all market data for bulk processing in applications like Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.


Did we mention it's just$25/Month?

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